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Digital Age” as what we so speak about is vastly growing daily.. with new apps available, new ideas, new technologies of phones, laptops and tablets just to briefly touch on.

As far as how I have been born into the Digital age, I was born into it later then others at my school. I do remember quite specifically that in the 5th Grade at school where we would have a quiz every week about simple questions like “Who was the first man to walk on the moon?” And I would struggle to find the answers as either my parents wouldn’t know, or I had to find the answer without a computer or other technology. My grades weren’t the best at this time.

And after everyday at school, my mates would say “I’ll talk to you on MSN tonight!” I used to be incredibly jealous of the fact that I had no technology, but when I did grasp my hands on a computer in Grade 6… my life changed in some ways good, and bad.

With Technology finally being introduced to myself, some of the first things that I got addicted to were MSN and playing “stupid” Online Games to kill time that was probably better spent doing something else. On the other hand, my grades at school did rise and it helped me substantially with my education.

After a while my friends got into Xbox.. and at that time I would just go over to theirs and play with them.. but when Xbox games were going online I was desperate to get onto it. After obtaining myself the Xbox 360, games and online, I was ready to play with my friends for a ridiculous amount of hours. And this effected the way I would behave and do things, mostly negative as I would come back home from school and jump on the Xbox to play instead of actually doing my homework.

As of my situation with the “Digital Age” now.. I have been able to control myself a lot more with when I should be on and when I should be doing something else like studying, playing tennis or just taking time off Technology.

During my spare time or even walking from place to place.. I do enjoy scrolling senselessly browsing through my Facebook newsfeed, Instagram etc.

I have definitely been able to manage time for more important things before I can allow myself to kill time on technology. But I can not live without Technology especially social media.

It is such a handy tool to keep in touch with some of your closest friends and some of your old friends that you haven’t really stayed in touch with and have been able to catch up. As well as being able to Skype call with them. And as an international student, this was definitely a must for myself.

The only things that I strongly dislike is when they change things, sometimes its great, for example; Instagram has recently came out with Instagram Videos, allowing you to make a video for 15 seconds. Simple, yet amazing. But Facebook for another example has come out with updates that has been more frustrating then anything, even apple coming out with iOS7 has frustrated myself in more ways that I can explain on this Blog.

But one of the greatest and most significant things to me at this moment in time is Email. It has been around for soo long, and hasn’t changed in any way that has been “Dramatic”. And it is one of the few ways that I can keep in touch with my Mum and Dad in Australia, until we can set up a time for both of us to do a Skype call.

So that is the way that my life has been born, raised and present into Technology and am happy with the ways that it is going for me as of now with how I have set my priorities and have been able to keep with them… most the time.